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Premium China Study Tour 2012

The Premium China Study Tour in 2012 was a very successful event, with participation from a wide range of delegates from adviser firms and financial institutions, who experienced China through our organised tours, conferences and company visits.

Please click here for a video of 2012's Premium China Study Tour experience.

Culture, Corporate, Consumption and Capitalism. These are the aspects that bring change for the better of China and the rest of the world.  Each day of our tour will be full of insights, gained through visits to tourist attractions, iconic landmarks and top companies’ business operations. It is expected you will leave our tour with a more holistic, financially salient understanding of China as it relates to itself, Australia and the rest of the world. The general details of our tour are listed below:

  • 8 nights and 9 days, from Friday the 12th October to Sunday the 20th October 2012
  • 4 nights in Beijing and 4 nights in Shanghai

Highlights include:

  • A chance to be in the audience at a Shanghai business conference where Value Partners will be presenting.
  • Guided tours to a number of internationally recognised companies' office in Beijing and Shanghai. Companies visited during our previous tours included Coca Cola, Kappa, General Motors and Lenovo.
  • Various cultural experiences: the cultural experiences incorporated in our previous tours included visits to The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City. Also tasted the local cuisine of Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Experience China's recent infrastructural and transportation milestone - high speed rail. Participants will travel by high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai for the second half of the tour.

Tour Package of AU$4,000 (excluding flights) include:

  • 5 Star accommodation
  • Most Meals
  • Coach transportation
  • Local English speaking tour guides
  • Fees and charges for company visits and attractions tours
  • Travel costs from Beijing to Shanghai

Please feel free to access the testimonials and pictures of previous tours in the following links.

Photos from previous tours:

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